Sunday, 6 November 2016

WIKILEAKS : 100 Percent PROOF Hillary LIED About Benghazi “YouTube Video”

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Hillary knew all along that it was Al-Qaeda terrorists who attacked in Benghazi, not a stupid “citizen uprising” over an obscure Youtube video.
The reason she LIED and said it was a video was simple.
It was an election year.
Obama and Biden were on the campaign trail telling everyone that “Al-Qaeda was DEAD and GM was alive.”
To suddenly have an Al-Qaeda terror attack on 9/11 that KILLED 4 Americans, including an ambassador, would not only destroy that campaign slogan, but it would also change the entire narrative of Obama’s reelection bid and humiliate him to the point where he could have lost the election.
SO HILLARY LIED to save Obama.
However, she did tell her daughter the truth (Diane Reynolds is the FAKE email account Chelsea used) in the email below sent on the DAY of the attack.
Hillary’s dopey kid gets to know the TRUTH, but the parents of the DEAD AMERICANS get fed a macabre lie.
Let that sink in.

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BOMBSHELL: Hillary said on day of Benghazi attacks it was al-qaeda type group, but in public blamed on protest from a youtube vid