Wednesday, 9 November 2016

US presidential election 2016: closure of the polling stations and the emergence of the preliminary results

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Closed polling stations in most parts of the United States, made after a busy day in which millions of Americans cast their ballots for a new president of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, and Republican Donald Trump.
As expected, Trump won according to the partial results in areas that vote traditionally for the Republicans, such as Alabama and Kentucky, and South Carolina, and Indiana, and West Virginia, and Mississippi, and Tennessee, and Oklahoma, according to ABC.
Network for Clinton expects to win in New Jersey and Massachusetts, and Maryland, and Vermont, Delaware and Illinois, and Rhode Island.
The candidate must win 270 votes, the number of electoral votes and number of 583 votes, to announce winning the presidency.

It is expected that the final results between the fourth and fifth am GMT declare, after the polling stations closed their doors in the West Coast of the United States areas.
In other developments the US elections, North Carolina agreed to extend the provision for election in the Durham area time, because of the long queues of voters.
Expectations for the results of a preliminary
It announced any network. Me. CNN forecast for the results of the initial US election, unexpected victory for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in New Jersey, and the District of Columbia, and Massachusetts, and Maryland, and Delaware, and Illinois, and Rhode Island., And New York, while Trump won in the states of Texas, Kansas, North Dakota and South Dakota and Oeumanag and Nebraska.
The opinion poll conducted by the Reuters news agency and company Ipsos, that the issues of terrorism and the health system in the United States come on top of the list of issues of concern in the American voters.
In another development, ABC said that Republicans won a majority of seats in the House of Representatives, while continuing to compete in the Senate.
And was re-elected former candidate primaries Republican Marco Rubio Tuesday for the state of Florida, according to the announced US media.