Thursday, 10 November 2016

Triggered Students Across Country Melt Down in Response to Trump Victory

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Students across the country have recorded extreme responses to Donald Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s presidential election, with many looking to school administrations for emotional support.

Many universities across America are now offering counseling and emotional assistance in response to outcries from students in distress over the results of Tuesday’s presidential election. 

This is why Trump won - Ivy League students can't even handle the results of a presidential election.
It's been an emotional election. If you're struggling and need to vent, we have a safe room set up. Stop by.

Hundreds of high school students stage walk out to protest Donald Trump’s presidential election win 

It's a dumpster fire on Broadway from 20th to 14th in . Anti-Trump protest
Protest shouting "dump trump" & another one supposed to be tomorrow
A PLANNED event to gather & cry tomorrow evening 
NC State is offering counseling services for those who need it after a presidential election. Let that sink in.
This election is a difficult one. @CalPoly Counseling Services offers emotional support any time!Call 805-756-2511 to talk to a live person.

Rutgers deadass sent an email to tell students to come to counseling if they need to talk about the election result.. thats how sad this is
They're having grief counseling at my school regarding the election results..shouldn't that tell us something lmao
Our chancellor had to send out a consolation message after yesterday's election, offering counseling & advocating for unity. ☹️
One student even reported that her friend was forced to teach her physics class after the professor had to dismiss herself to receive counseling over the election result.
In other news, Sarah is currently teaching Physics lecture, because her professor left for counseling on the election