Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Historic day awaits America today 'Today is America's day of history'

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Americans go to the polls today in what is called popular vote to choose a president of the United States after President Barack Obama compared with early voting, which was attended by millions of Americans. Until the last hours has not Tngel image of the electoral scene saluting still battle between the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump fierce.
In the last days of the life of this unique campaign which saw the exchange of a stream of critically acclaimed and direct accusations between the nominees of each candidate he weighed in the US, which is believed to be home to the largest inventory undecided vote as a state Florida, Ohio and Michigan and threw Norte Carolina.

Hillary Clinton has used the current President Barack Obama, who still enjoys great popularity among Americans. President Obama tried to attract votes of Americans black and Spanish-speaking and convince them to engage behind Clinton, but polls show that these segments of American society is still part of it is reluctant to give voice to Hillary Clinton. Democratic candidate backers of celebrities and art figures have been recruited to attract the largest number of Americans.

What Donald Trump, who already flouted the Clinton strategy to mobilize singing art symbols have resorted to members of his family to address Americans. Although the American justice ruled the prosecution of Hillary Clinton with regard to the private use of her computer Trump scandal he has continued to attack Clinton and deemed ineligible to become President of the United States of America.

At the last minute tried to democratic candidate Hillary Clinton woo sounds American women and Hispanic blacks and Americans bet on fear and panic that raised Donald Trump's remarks extremist their direction. As for the Arab-American Muslim community most polls indicate she chose albeit reluctantly vote for Hillary Clinton in an attempt to prevent Trump from crossing into the White House. And summarizes the lesser of two evils or two options Ahalihama words over the atmosphere that hangs over the Arab American community. Commenting on the attitude of the Arab community from these elections, one political analysts to situations summed up in this sentence ... either that see us as enemies represent a lateral violent extremists coming from overseas and is the case with Donald Trump ... and see us either informants and the eyes and ears of his for reporting on terrorists and is the case with Hillary Clinton when she said in a debate in October ninth of people we need for the Americans to be part Muslmyin been our eyes and ears on the front lines

Analysts say that the vitality shown by Clinton in the final hours of this campaign reflects the concern that spawn ballot boxes on Tuesday a surprise defeat while the enthusiasm shown by Donald Trump in every election rallies reflects the conviction that the White House has become in his reach after Almentnaqdh results shown by opinion polls

After all America on a date today is a historic day with the privilege to choose either Hillary Clinton and will be the first women to become a woman in the White House history and can choose either Donald Trump and be the first populist personal adopt Western attitudes and extremist receive the reins of power in it.