Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Why Bayern Munich paid 35 million euros for Renato?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

His story began in October / last October, when he was part of the junior team club Benfica, who beat Jlata Galatasaray Turkey in Istanbul 11.1 in the Champions Junior League and was the star of the game, after nine days he was called Roy Vitoria, Benfica coach to play with the first team , who trailed by seven points from arch-rivals Sporting Lisbon.

Sanchez and quickly brought him success the team has won in his first thirteen fourteen games once and tied once, depending on the location, "Froindh 11" German.

After a month of playing his first game in the Portuguese league, he fought Sanchez's first match in the Champions League, and expressed his delight, saying: "I did not expect to participate in the Champions League so quickly, Fmra is still 18 years old and cleaver myself thanks to my team."

The site says, "Froindh 11." The way the format and make it play Sanchez often prone to compare with Edgar Davids, Paul Bojba, Juventus player.

He adds the German website: "Sanchez is always moving between attack and defense, and this makes it difficult to be described as playing in a particular center, it's too much forward for the defensive midfielder, as he is strong in the docking is quite different from midfielder traditional striker."

The site "Focus" and says: "Sanchez is very strong in the docking with competitors and clumsy passes Furthermore, it is extremely speed and has great skill in dribbling so it's no wonder that celebrates him as the best talent in Portugal since the emergence of Cristiano Ronaldo."

There were strange rumors true that the largest age than is found in his birth certificate to five years, but a medical examination at Benfica, who announced the outcome publicly cut the road to those rumors.