Thursday, 5 May 2016

The benefits for the skin and hair, castor oil and how to use it!

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Castor oil is considered of the most famous natural oils known its benefits and medical treatment on the hair and skin ... In castor triglyceride oil consists of fatty acids with up to 90 percent of them from ricinoleic acid. This acid is what gives laxative properties of castor oil. It is a transparent color and sometimes have a pale yellow color and is very light and oil usually has no smell, but sometimes be smelled very light and unclear. Castor oil is characterized by deep breaking through the hair and scalp, but the disadvantage that it is very heavy oil and are difficult to remove easily from the hair and scalp after using it.

Oil Castor many benefits for hair.1-Oil is rich, "vitamin E" which works to nourish hair and strengthen it and make it smooth like silk.2 - makes the hair healthy and shiny hair and helps to retain moisture.3. protects the hair and scalp from harmful external influences, such as exposure to the sun's harmful rays and use a hair dryer and hair styling products that contain chemicals a day.4. protects hair from embrittlement private parties to it and handles breaking and falling hair.5. Castor oil contains fatty acids beneficial for the hair, such as omega-9, which helps provide hydration necessary for the hair and scalp and helps hair to retain water.6. The scalp massage castor oil and pomade done regularly helps to prevent hair loss and lengthen and make it thick.7. Castor Oil helps to cleanse the scalp and hair from all impurities and dirt, and this accelerates the growth of hair in a healthy way.8. Oil is a antibacterial properties, insects, fungi and this is because it contains Risenaulak acid which cleanses the scalp and hair from all the bacteria and fungi that cause hair loss.

 Castor Oil for Hair extension
Suitable blends of castor oil with almond oil intake quantity equal to reduce the density of castor oil and then the mixture is placed on the hair starting from the parties up to the scalp and fingertips a national process light massage of the head for some minutes.
For in your hair a hot towel and leave oil on the hair for an hour, and can change the towel after another half an hour to increase the penetration of oil into the hair follicle and limbs, wash your hair using a suitable shampoo and dried with a towel and leave it all in the open air.

 Castor oil to treat skin problemsScientific studies have demonstrated the ability of castor oil to treat skin problems, such as sunburn, acne, dry skin, stretch marks and warts, and signs of aging. And it can be used castor oil through the fat affected area with a piece of cotton dipped in oil once in the morning and evening.

Facial Wash castor oilCastor oil helps to mix water with oil and dirt in order to remove them from the facial skin easily. Oil does not deprive the skin of moisture, leaving a moist and smooth.

Castor to treat acne OilCastor oil contains Risenaulak acid, which works to prevent the microbes and bacteria that cause acne growth:Face wash well, then covered with wet towels with hot water and Masorh well.Massaging the face with a small amount of castor oil, the leaves until the morning, then wash the face with warm water.This process is repeated for a week or two weeks, once or twice a day depending on the situation.