Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Scot Murray talks about the next coach

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

He confirmed the Scottish Andy Murray, world number three in tennis today, he did not rule out hiring a former player of his training, following the "separation by mutual agreement" from the previous Caine Emily Maurismo.

Murray, who lost the first Sunday's final of the Madrid against Novak Djokovic, and on Monday announced the end of the professional relationship between him and the French-trained after almost two years of working together.

It was Ivan Lendl is Murray's coach before Maurismo where he won titles with the first US Open and Wimbledon and the London Olympics gold.

Murray said today the channel (BBC): "There is no reason dictates that is already a player, but it is very likely to be a player out of date. Coaches who have played in the biggest competitions can help in the Grand Slam and important games."

He noted the player, who is in Italy to participate in the championship Rome Masters with a thousand points out that hiring a new coach will not happen often before the Roland Garros tournament, which begins on May 22 / May next year.

He told Murray: "I do not think that I can get a coach before Paris, so I will say it is unlikely .. There is a free week after Roland Garros before starring Queens. Then you could try something. I will never work with a coach full-time without his experience before ".

He said the player: "I did the same thing with all of Drbone previously. There is a need for a little time on the field to see how it goes and how the exercises will communicate."

He thanked Murray Maurismo on the work done, pointing out that he was very much gladly if crowned Grand Slam championship while working with him.