Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Riad Mehrez continues to reap awards after the completion of Leicester

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Algerian international Ryad got Mehrez on player award season in Leicester, in the vote for lovers of champion English Premier League football, while his colleague won the French Njulu Kanti best player in the team in a vote of his fellow award.

Mehrez scored 17 league goals and making 11 others to help Leicester on crowning the first ever trophy in the highest-local contest in England.

And chose Mehrez face the heart of the Leicester came from behind to triumph 3-2 at Aston Villa in September, and other game 3-1 win away to Manchester City as the best two games of the season.

He informed Mehrez, 25, the club's website said: "Happiness is not ninety."

He continued: "It's great to receive this award from the masses. I can almost fly from happiness. We have achieved a major breakthrough it is incredible."

He praised Mehrez, who joined Leicester from club Le Havre second division in France in 2014 masses champion of England.

"The pitch is very gorgeous. Fans are very close to us and I am happy to play here. I thank all the fans and I hope to continue to support us year after year."

And got Jimmy Vardi scorer Leicester and chosen by athletes Writers Association as the best player in the Premier League this year awarded the "goal of the season", which is made from long-range missile over the victory of the two-zero at home to Liverpool in February.