Sunday, 8 May 2016

Rain postpones confrontations Nana Championship Trophy

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Heavy rains caused the postponement of confrontations semifinal singles for a table, and the doubles final table in the tournament Nana Trophy for ladies which rotates in the Tunisian capital, which amounts to the value of financial prize money of 50,000 dollars.
It was shut down for the interview round before the first final, which brought together Swiss Romina Oprandi, Dutch Leslie Kerkhof after the first half of the Dutch score 6-3 and run second for the Swiss (6-0), at the beginning of the third half and, after Oprandi won the first set.
Everyone was rainy and stopped to resume playing again, but the bad weather was imposed on the main referee of the tournament to postpone the match.
It was also decided to postpone the Tunisian match Anas Jaber, Russian Irina Kromaheva ranked 160 globally, in the semifinals, with the confrontations take place Sunday morning.