Sunday, 15 May 2016

Pictures .. heated relations between Kim Kardashian and sports stars ..

Sunday, May 15, 2016

American Kim Cardchian is one of the stars of months that follow tell them diverse media and permanently occupies the pages of newspapers and magazines cover, websites, and controversial statements and dramatic images

And saw the life of reality TV star several emotional and casual relationships with men before they marry recently Bakana West, singer and fashion designer, who dramatically entered the hall of fame of the gate of his relationship with her

American star and knew several relationships with the Stars from the world of sports as well, we review the most prominent:

Belle Star established relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo in 2010, a newspaper revealed the details, where they met in Los Angeles and spent a great time before they join him in Madrid
Ronaldo and Kim were seen at parties and restaurants dancer exchanging hot kisses.

It is one of the most prominent basketball players Americans, and said that he divorced her because of her butt in response to sarcastic comments against him
Kim and prepared Kardechian, basketball player Miles Austin after splitting from Reggie Bush had hoped to bring him fortune and fame
But they broke up for their inability to create enough times for being the meeting and they wanted to succeed in their respective fields
Reggie is the workshops of the most famous American football players and established a relationship with Kardechian for a long time remained a relationship with her even at the beginning of their relationship with her husband current Kanye West
Considered by the press of scandals in the last term is the relationship between the star Kim Kardashian Reggie workshops
Is a mockery in the media, for being Kim Kardashian married for a very short period not exceeding 72 days and divorced