Friday, 6 May 2016

Liverpool kills the dreams of Villarreal and climb to the final of the Europa League

Friday, May 06, 2016

Harsh treble without a response team to overcome the obstacle of Liverpool at home to Villarreal, in a dramatic meeting, which was held on Thursday evening at the "Anfield" in the second leg semi-final of the European Championship League Soccer.
Lord Liverpool's defeat in the first leg in order, with three goals scored by Bruno Soriano Villarreal defender into his own net in the seventh minute, and Daniel Sturridge in the 63rd minute and Adam Lallana 81 minutes.
Liverpool qualified for the final of the Europa League after an absence of 15 years full when he won the title for the last time in 2001 and was then named the tournament UEFA Cup.
Liverpool started the match siege Offensive defenses Villarreal and assists reciprocal on the edge of the area in hopes of kidnapping an early goal which was achieved after only seven minutes of fast-attack from the right and cross the front passed without a follow-up to the left side and turn to cross another neat in the direction of Sturridge and tried defender Bruno Soriano tipped the ball but collided with him to shake the net.
Pressure Liverpool did not stop, Lallana and almost added goal of neat pass magically wonderful by Milner as far defense Villarreal another attempt from Coutinho, and dashed Bacampo striker Spanish team after 20 minutes around against Liverpool but without the seriousness and the start of Milner stopped by Villarreal.
And he won Villarreal defender Victor Ruiz yellow card, prey guard Spanish team to blow an easy head, clashed Ovran Liverpool defender with Soldado Villarreal striker, but ended the incident without warnings and characterized the meeting Balalthamat physical between the two players with the decline in the technical level and opportunities affecting's throw teams.
Klein won the Liverpool player a yellow card and also received a warning Soldado, to end the half, the progress Liverpool aim.
The second half, pressing the offensive began intensively Liverpool again and saved the defense Villarreal serious attempt Coutinho then counterattack from Denis Suarez dangerous farthest to Ovran continued Milner magical dribble and give the ball to Firmino but none serious.
After an hour of play Villarreal pay the first change it on the landing of Manu Tragerus Pena account, and squandered a goalscoring opportunity Sturridge shot saved by goalkeeper Arriola.
In 63 minutes, Sturridge scored the second goal in favor of Liverpool through the pass even more fascinating by Firmino to be deposited by the English striker netting.
Spanish team second and engaged substitutions Descent Adrian Lopez Soldado account that has not provided little until he left in the 68th minute.
And it increased the suffering of the Spanish team obtaining Victor Ruiz on a second warning to expulsion leaves the pitch after 71 minutes .. concluded Villarreal substitutions Descent Italian defender Bonera on Jonathan dos Santos account.
Arriola beyond Villarreal goalkeeper cannonball Firmino creator, and calmed the rhythm of Reds and student Denis Suarez player Spanish team a penalty kick and fired a shot Sturridge stray far from the Villarreal goal.
In 81 minutes, Liverpool kill dreams Villarreal in return for the game's third goal from a cross from Firmino star of the meeting to Sturridge who blasted the weak and completed Lallana in the net.
And share with Liverpool's first substitutions Descent Joe Allen on Coutinho account .. and missed Joe Allen Alternative achieving the target with the brilliance of goalkeeper Villarreal and engaged Reds second changes Descent Penteki on Firmino account, and then threw Club last papers with a 90th-minute revelation Lucas instead of Sturridge, and passed the final moments fully surrender from Villarreal to end the meeting landslide victory for the Reds.