Friday, 6 May 2016

Leicester Fought To Keep Stars

Friday, May 06, 2016

Once the storm began to subside coronation Premier League title, even a team of Leicester found himself struggling in a race of another kind, the race to win it will be harder to lift the English League Cup. It's a race to maintain the stars.
Top European clubs began chasing the star of Leicester and Agrunhm numbers and promises it difficult for top stars to resist, not to mention the players at the beginning of the journey of stardom the star of the Algerian Riad Mehrez England striker Jimmy Vardi, but French midfielder Ngolo Kanti and goalkeeper Danish Gaspar Schmeichel.
Mehrez had joined the blisters coming from Le Havre vs. 350 thousand pounds, be sure that the value of market players currently more than 40 million pounds, the value would be difficult for the team leader ignored, although it is not guaranteed to keep Lester or his stars on the same level next season. Mehrez never hide his dream of playing for Paris Saint-Germain, but the presence of the stars of the likes of Ibrahimovic Woody Maria Cavani and perhaps convince the Algerian superstar wait another year with Leicester.
Another player become top European clubs are racing to sign him, French star Ngolo Kanti next to Leicester from the French team Ken vs. 5,000,600 thousand pounds. Kanti, who is described in England Bassarq balls, is a Dynamo team and described by many a star rough.
French star has become a target by Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain and several German and Spanish and Italian clubs, and worried about the team of Leicester that loses its star for 20 million pounds only, which is the amount that had been set by the champion of the Premier League as a penalty for ending the contract with the player.
Unlike Mehrez and Kanti it is believed that the striker Jimmy Vardi will remain with the foxes being well aware of the difficulty of finding a new club offers him the same success factors that brought him to the top and turned it into Ma'shuq fans of Leicester.
On the other hand, is still the fate of goalkeeper Schmeichel Gaspar ambiguous, and expected close to the club Leicester joining either Barcelona or Manchester United's former team of his father, the legendary Peter Schmeichel. The only thing that favors the survival of blisters Schmeichel, the Danish goalkeeper is the realization that the transition of a large team will not guarantee his participation as a guard primarily to the presence of senior guards these clubs.
Given the reality of football and the temptations to join big clubs it would be difficult for Leicester to keep STARS but at least the team must convince key players wait until the transfer winter market to help him record a good start in the defense campaign for the title and the role of the Champions League groups.