Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How font format changed in correspondence WhatsApp?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Came up recently applied "WhatsApp" instant messaging mode allows users to change the look of mutual texts to look more pronounced than it is the case in simple text.
It can now use broadband text or the so-called Bold, Italic or italic text, or add a line mediates speech to text seems like a "chamfered" and that in a simple way.

To convert the text in the conversation to the broadband line, enough to add a star icon * Before and after the desired text, to appear when the transmission in bold.

As for converting text to italics, to distinguish it from the rest of the speech, it is through add code _ before and after the desired text.

To add a line to speak in the middle of text conversation, you are so by adding the symbol ~ before and after the desired text.

The application WhatsApp has recently launched several additions, such as the possibility of rapid reply to messages without opening the application, as well as message encryption, and is expected to close police put video calling feature.

The application uses WhatsApp, who became a follower of the company Facebook about a billion users on a monthly basis, it is more multicast applications over the Internet widely used at present.