Friday, 6 May 2016

Hair Loss Treatment For Men!

Friday, May 06, 2016

The hairiness hair washing and drying, and the frequent use of water hardness or added chlorine in sterile hair bath process leads to dry hair and split ends and hair loss knowing that reasonable to the average number of hair in the head approximately 150,000 hair average. What is causing drought and precipitation problems and embrittlement of the hair is the frequent use of electric hair dryer or Curlers electric hair, frequent Trddk on swimming pools or even frequent washing hair at the same detergent, and the hair is affected by weather factors surrounding such as sunlight, wind, leading to dryness and the occurrence of some of the problems . Hair cut when he cut the hair, it is changing the outer part of it, and this is not conducive to the growth of hair or strengthened, but in some cases increases the hair thickness, is the problem of loss of men felt one of the chronic problems in the Arab world, which accounts for men interesting to remedy them, the main reason for the loss hair is genetic, and therefore all methods of treatment may extend the life of the hair, but will not prevent it from falling in the end hair loss treatment for hair loss treatment more than one way, including: (medicines, creams and sprays and needles treatment. Laser treatment. deceptive treatment, and here the patient spraying some of the material that gives the hair thickness. surgical treatment. Hair transplant. redistribute the scalp. The main reason for hair loss is Jenny and Orathi, all treatments with drugs or paints (creams) or massage (massage) or laser may extend the life of the hair (perhaps for years), but will not prevent it from falling a result, may be up tomorrow techniques to the change-causing genes for hair loss before it happens, which can fundamentally solve the problem, but tomorrow's quite a sight a. the surgery shall lie the problem in a roundabout way we'll come on to explain. Drugs, creams and sprays and needles these treatments retard hair loss does not prevent him treatment, and proceed from some necessary for hair growth and health of material insurance, leading to maintain it for as long as possible, doctors also noted that when their use of drugs high blood pressure, for example, the case of hair loss improved grew tired and turned these medications for goals and used it for hair. Laser treatment stems from the principle of stimulating the skin and blood vessels of the breadth and secure the necessary food for the hair, to reduce hair loss. But the laser will not be able to change the genes. Deceptive or placebo treatment here is the patient, for example, by spraying some subsequent articles that give the hair thickness, thus presenting the impression that the hair thicker. As well as specialist Tattoos may resort to draw some lines heavily, or may be based specialist hair decorating, gluing some tuft of hair remaining hair or even paste on the skin. Surgical treatment and eradication of hair transplant, hair hair. Remove a portion of the scalp while keeping contact with Bhraianha, and modulating the place to cover the curl area. Use balloons to enlarge the scalp. The hair transplant Omar hair specified genetically, and varies by location, for example, is well known that the hair above the temple area or neck-old is much longer than the hair on the top of the head. So when we want to eradicate some of the hair transplant, we usually take it from the hairy area above the neck, removal of job by a piece of skin Hairy 10-15 centimeters in length, width and 1.2 cm, and then close the wound by Altkotaib so as not to leave a blank spot above the neck. And then we cut what Astosalnah to very small units, each containing a single hair, and even three hairs, then make a small cracks and stuck in the bald area and the plant where these units, and is done under local anesthesia, and we can transplant until 5000 hairs in a single session. It must be pointed out that the transplanted hair density much lighter than the natural hair density; for it is impossible, we make incisions too close to sow units as it is not able sufficient number of hair secure if we could make a small and close incisions, the piece that eradicates for transplantation provides equivalent area of ​​perhaps five times area, and thus density of transplanted hair less five times at least. This transplanted hair is due to the growth of natural poetry at the top of the neck, and lasts by genes as the hair of a higher neck, and the story and washed without any warned natural poetry, but in the first few months after transplantation, observes the effects of cracks in the form of small red lines on the scalp to disappear after that, and the last about 4-5 hours of surgery under local anesthesia. Redistribution of scalp wounds also can in special cases, cut off part of the scalp of the hairy area, while maintaining the arteries that feed connected to the veins of the rest of the head, and then change the place and managed, for example, from the temple area or neck forward to replace the bald part in the head about the same size, density and here are the same as this truncated segment covered the area, but in a different location. Use of balloons balloon implants of silicone material empty under the scalp dense hair, then injected periodically for a month or two of water with a needle through the skin. As a final size, it has extended the scalp surrounding it by a large margin. This expansion has, will allow the surgeon to eradicate bald area and then provide us with coverage including the scalp extended. And be a little less intensity than the rest of the head, a relatively new method, it believes sufficient density but conducted in two phases, each phase requiring a half hour to an hour, under local or general anesthesia. Quick ways to treat hair loss wash hair twice a week in winter and three times a summer, using soap and shampoo, hairdressing using olive oil, aloe vera. Wash oily hair three times a week using a shampoo that contains lemon or eggs. Dry hair wash once a week using a shampoo containing oil. Adding castor oil to refill shampoo; it condenses and strengthens hair. Watercress juice mixture (the benefits of watercress for men), onions, olive oil, cumin powder and pomade to it. Boil the peel garlic with olive oil. Boil patience with olive oil plant prevents hair loss. Grinding fig leaves and add to boiling oil with a little rose water and massage the scalp once a day. Onions; it strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss. Washing hair resulting from the boiling water thermos In the end, each state solution, and the plastic surgeon is qualified to conduct, the choice between them. It will not be among you dare to hold one of these surgeries including Vliqtna has. Vemodh balding popular now, some thick hair Adzouna owners to keep up with the fashion. Note: The subject of hair loss treatment for men is not a reference to health, please consult your doctor.