Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Diego Lopez opens fire on Milan Mihajlovic

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

He expressed Diego Lopez, goalkeeper Milan, his remorse to leave Real Madrid and move to the Rossoneri last season.

Lopez said in remarks to the newspaper "Marca": "I left Real Madrid to play a key, and the arrival of Keylor Navas made me leave, to Milan, which helped me to improve certain aspects of my life and my career."

He added: "After a year of transition already repented, to leave the real, because I'm a fan of Madrid, it was hard to leave."

And Abizaid: "Last season was a transition with the coach does not have the experience like Inzaghi, with the arrival of Sinisa Mihajlovic had seemed that it would provide more but it took another curve."

He continued: "There are strange things in the Milan Chamber of clothes, contracting with some of the players did not go so well, there is poor planning from the beginning."

Asked about Cristian Brocchi, the interim coach of Milan, Mario Balotelli, he replied: "He is a young coach wants to provide good football but do not have the time, and the Palo is a great guy but it seems that he did not understand the world of football."

And Mihajlovic, he explained: "I was surprised the behavior Mihajlovic me, doing things very strange for me, a student at the time of the reserve goalkeeper to hold warm-up operations because I did not play the short ball."

He completed: "He lacks respect, I did not understand what he wants to do Miha, football come and go but the respect remains."

Asked about Gianluigi Donaroma, keeper of AC Milan, he said: "deserves to play."

And completed his remarks, saying: "Do you stay in Milan? I have an ongoing two-year contract, but I hate not playing, I would stay options in the summer with my family."