Thursday, 12 May 2016

A new program competes Watts in August and Facebook Messenger ... you know it!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Emo program is characterized by its ability to enhance communication between friends and respond to users' interests, and thus able to compete imo download a range of important applications as an application Viper and Watts August Plus, and Tango, and Facebook Messenger.

The advantages lie in the application of Emo follows:

1. The program added a number of important advantages that made the users are anxious to deal with it free of charge, such as talking with friends by sending text, pictures, or videos, or even voice messages, as well as take advantage of important posters that make you reflect about personal situations and share them with friends .
Facebook applications to launch competing communications service video and audio
New Facebook Messenger voice calls collective!

2. Through the application imo download audio and video interaction through video calls, which brought friends from each other.

3. The application enables users to entertainment through a number of entertaining games, in addition to the possibility of establishing a "group" and the exchange text messages.

4. Finally, imo download the program added a number of important languages ​​such as language Arabic or French, and others. The program can be downloaded via the Android Emo devices or smartphones or tablet via Google Play store.