Friday, 6 May 2016

14 Things You Don't Know About Paul Walker!

Friday, May 06, 2016

Below are interesting facts about paul walker since he was a charismatic and inspirational individual, both on and off the big screen. While he was in a number of television series and films prior, he hit the spotlight after starring as Brian O’Conner in the infamous 2001 film the Fast and the Furious. Here are some facts about Paul Walker that not many people know.



1. Paul started his small screen career as a toddler, when he starred in a commercial for Pampers in the 1970’s.


2. Paul was a natural actor and started working in television in 1985 at the age of 11, appearing in “Highway to Heaven”, “Touched by an Angel”, “Throb” and others before moving on to the big screen.


3.”Monster in the Closet” was Paul’s first movie and was released in 1986. Below is a scene from the movie.




4. Paul Walker majored in Marine Biology at the California community college, and was a huge fan of Marine Biologist Jacques-Yves Cousteau.


Although Paul enjoyed acting, his first love was always marine biology. He was a board member of the Billfish Foundation, and did many projects including “Expedition Great White” for National Geographic. Keep this in mind the next time you watch “Into the Blue”.



5. He was Paul William Walker IV 
He was the fourth Paul William in his family. His grandfather, Paul William II, was a professional boxer who went by the name "Irish Billy Walker."  

6. He entered showbiz at the age of 2.

You won't find this on his IMDb page, but the star was first in front of the cameras for a Pampers commercial at the ripe age of 2. He started working on TV shows in his early teens. 
7. He was linked to Jessica Alba. 
Before Jessica Alba tied the knot with Cash Warren, she and Walker were rumored to be a hot couple. They met while filming their movie Into the Blue. Nothing ever came of the rumors.  

8. He studied marine biology.
Walker studied marine biology in community college and said that he'd always planned to pursue it as a career before he got famous. He met Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of his childhood idol Jacques Cousteau, at a charity event earlier this year.  

9. He won a Teen Choice Award with his car.

That's right, the 2003 Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Chemistry went to the star and his car — from 2 Fast 2 Furious. He won Best On-Screen Team at the MTV Movie Awards in 2002 with Fast and the Furious co-star Vin Diesel.  

10. He hung out with great whites. 
 The star's passion for the ocean extended beyond the classroom. He was a board member of the Billfish Foundation, which monitors the health of the ocean worldwide, and was featured on the National Geographic series Expedition Great White in 2010. He spent almost two weeks with a crew catching and tagging great white sharks off the coast of Mexico. You can see him in the black outfit at around the 40:00 mark in the clip on the right.


 11. His girlfriend was much younger. 

The actor's most recent girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell made headlines for being just 16 when they allegedly started dating in 2006. He was 33 at the time. Word has it they got engaged back in 2008, but the rumors fizzled months later. They reportedly broke up in 2011, but might have gotten back together recently.  

12. He founded a disaster relief organization.  

After visiting Haiti in 2010, after the massive earthquake there, Walker founded Reach Out Worldwide. The organization specializes in providing "basic necessities and medical assistance" to survivors "in the bleakest of circumstances."

Walker was leaving a ROWW event when he tragically died Saturday.

13. He has three siblings. 
Walker grew up with two younger brothers and a younger sister. The picture on the left is of him and brother Cody from 2003.  

14. He has a daughter. 
 Meadow Walker was born in November 1998. She spent most of her childhood living with her mom, Rebecca McBrain, in Hawaii. In 2011 she moved to California to be closer to her dad. She's now 15.