Saturday, 7 May 2016

11 Things You Didn't Know About The Rock Dwayne Johnson!

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Criminology Degree

The Rock may seem like your typical pro-wrestler turned internationally beloved action movie star, but he also received a degree in criminology from the University of Miami in 1995. That's right, long before starring in "Fast and Furious 6" and "The Rundown," the Rock was a beloved student of criminal behavior.

Best-selling Author

Dwayne The Rock Johnson wrote a book that was published in 2000, 'The Rock Says,' which went on to become a New York Times best-seller. Luckily for The Rock, if the whole movie star thing doesn't pan out, he can always fall back on a lucrative career in writing.

Top Grossing Actor in the World

Not only does The Rock have 18 championship reigns in World Wrestling Entertainment and World Wrestling Federation, he also has the honor of being the top grossing actor in the world, ahead of Robert Downey Jr. and Vin Diesel. His four films of 2013 alone generated a staggering $1.4 billion.

Half Black and Half Samoan

Born in Hayward, California in 1972, The Rock is half black and half Samoan. His father is of Black Nova Scotian origin, and his mother is of Samoan heritage. Wrestling was apparently in his blood, as his maternal grandfather was a top wrestler in Polynesian Pacific Pro Wrestling.

Football Star

The Rock played football on the National Championship team while at the University of Miami, alongside teammates Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, and Rohan Marley. Later, he played in the Canadian Football League for the Calgary Stampedes. He was cut from the team two months into his first season, only to then find his way into professional wrestling.

Canadian Citizen

In 2009, Johnson officially became a Canadian citizen. He was 37 years old at the time.

He Slept on a Mattress

In the 90s, Johnson played football for a short time with the Calgary Stampede of the CFL. It was during this time that he actually slept on mattresses and went to meetings for free food because he was so broke.

His Grandpa was a Villain

...A James Bond villain that is. Dwayne Johnson's grandfather Peter Fanene Maivia played the role of a naughty car driver in the James Bond movie "You Only Live Twice."

Arnold is a Good Friend

The Rock is good friends with actor and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The proverbial action hero torch was passed down to Johnson during the filming of the movie "The Rundown" where Johnson walks passed Schwarzenegger and he says "Have fun."


The Rock wasn't always known by this ring name. Dwayne Johnson actually started his wrestling career by the name Flex Savanna.

He played his own father, Rocky Johnson, on That 70’s Show.